Unveiling the memorial plaque of Vlasta Burian

Unveiling the memorial plaque of Vlasta Burian and his seals on 7 May 2011






In 1934, the Prague ZOO was given its first seals, named Batula and Huty, by Vlasta Burian. Visitors to the zoo commemorated this festive event on Saturday, 7 May 2011. The bronze commemorative plaque, on which the seals that Burian got from the famous German merchant Hagenbeck from America are depicted, was donated to the zoo by Vlasta Burian Society. Its ceremonial unveiling took place with the participation of Miroslav Bobek, Director of the Prague Zoo, Tomáš Mádl, Director and Managing Director of the Joint Real Estate and Law Firm JURIS REAL, Pavel Holík, a representative of Vlasta Burian Society and the writer Ondřej Suchý on Saturday, 7 May, at 1 pm at the seal’s exposition. Symbolical thanks to the King of Comedians were given by the current seals kept in the Prague Zoo - the male seal Meloun, the female seals Julinka, Abeba and Bára - who showed their skills in the commented exercise.