Real estate auctions

Real estate auctions

Nowadays, there is probably no need to explain what real estate auctions are; Internet auctions, in particular, are very popular and widespread among Czech citizens and almost any real estate can be acquired in such a way.

The company of JURIS REAL Dražby, a.s., a real estate and auction agency, specializes in auctions of flats, family houses, apartment houses, chalets, cottages, commercial real estate and land; both in voluntary auctions (proposed by the owner of the property) and compulsory auctions (forced auctions, for example, due to seizure of real estate).

You can choose from the real estate auctions that you are interested in. In addition to the unusual experience of auctioning real estate, you have an opportunity to get a property for an unbeatable price in the real estate market.

Auction of real estate allows you to buy real estate for a very good price. It often happens that only one out of many bidders takes part in auction and he/she buys the real estate at a starting price.

Both professional and general public consider auctions to be a transparent form of real estate sale and a suitable tool to achieve the maximum proceeds of the sale.

Voluntary auctions

We carry out voluntary auctions based on a free proposal (free will) of the owner or the person authorized by the owner to administer the property or the person entitled to monetise – alienate or sell the auction item on the basis of a special legal regulation.

The petitioner for voluntary auction can be the owner of the auction item, including cities and municipalities, municipal districts, public-benefit or budgetary organizations. It can also be a liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy.

When carrying out auction, our goal is to reach the highest price possible by auctioning.

By doing so, we achieve selling at the highest price – bidding in site and at time. Auction thus differs from regular real estate business where the participants in the transfer of real estate agree on the sale price in advance and then contractually confirm it.

Compulsory auctions

Compulsory auctions are carried out against the owner’s will on the proposal of an auction creditor whose claim was not paid timely and properly by the debtor; the claim is in default and is secured by the right of lien or by the court's lien on the subject of the auction, or by limiting the transfer of real estate or by the right of retention, as the case may be.

The account receivable from the debtor must be evidenced by an auction warrant, i.e. enforceable judicial decision or enforceable arbitration award, and possibly accompanied by enforceable notarial or (previously) distrainer’s deed, or evidenced by another enforceable decision, the execution of which is permitted by law, including payment assessments and statements of arrears.

In view of the fact that it is not possible to assume that debtors are willing to make relevant legal acts in the form of notarial or (previously) distrainer’s deeds for existing relationships, we offer assistance in recovery of overdue debts that will be completed by satisfying a future petitioner for compulsory auction from the proceeds of the sale of the subject of compulsory auction.

In auctions, we use service of our lawyer specializing in auctions (auctioneer), Mgr. Radek Paštika. His phone number: 774 335 504 and e-mail: