Free consultation

Free consultation

With respect to our high corporate culture and social responsibility, we provide our clients with the services in the field of renting, selling or buying real estate through our joint real estate and law firm JURIS REAL, spol. s r.o. in the long term free of charge.

Cooperating lawyers and a corporate lawyer as well as a number of external lawyers work in our joint real estate and law firm with a long tradition.

A joint team of real estate agents, lawyers and tax advisors also monitors for you independently, comprehensively and in at the long term the relevant legislation, particularly in the field of civil law (the New Civil Code), as well as administrative, construction and financial law.

The aim of free consultancy service is the client's satisfaction with carrying out the future real estate business through our joint real estate and law firm.

Examples of the most common consultation:

  • Advice on how a complete estate transaction can be carried out, for example, when selling a property. In the real estate transaction, the client is constantly informed about basic legal terms when concluding the contracts, with the terms relating to bank guarantees, purchase price custody, tax payments, methods of payment of the purchase price, transfer of property, etc.
  • Another segment of free consultation can include, for example, price consultancy on real estate rentals, ideal market prices for sold properties, consultancy on financing real estate purchases, etc.
  • We also provide financial consultancy on mortgage loans or return on investment relating to purchase price, as well as on subsequent rental or sale of the property where the tenant pays repayments to the mortgage bank, etc.