Purchase of real estate

Purchase of real estate

JURIS REAL, spol. s r.o. offers its existing and future clients a direct purchase of real estate, where the key criterion for determining the purchase price is estimation of its market value by our real estate agent. After personal inspection of the property, our real estate agents prepare complete documentation which is then presented to the management of the company. Based on this information, our real estate agency will decide within 3 working days whether our company is willing to buy the property. In case of mutual agreement it is possible to sign purchase contracts or other documents.

You can contact us with any question, problem or requirement with confidence and you can be sure that our team of real estate agents and experienced lawyers will provide you with the utmost care, loyalty and professional experience which form the core know-how of our company. The real estate agency JURIS REAL, spol. s r.o. also works with a law firm and thus can offer a really broad portfolio of services to its existing or future clients. We look forward to meeting you and we believe that our cooperation will be serious and successful for both sides and will lead to resolution of your existing problems.

Immediate purchase of real estate free from legal defects for ready money due to time reasons

Do you need your money quickly? Do you want other, e.g. a smaller, apartment? Do you need to book another property quickly and you do not have the necessary funds? Have you chosen a property from our rich offer and would you like to offer your property to us as a counter account? Do you not want to let in many people interested in buying your apartment before they choose to buy it? Do you have another reason, for example, moving from your current place of residence due to a new job? This real estate product is intended just for you.

Quick purchase and brokerage of the sale of real estate burdened with a distraint (or more distraints)

JURIS REAL, spol. s r.o. offers either direct purchase of real estate burdened with a distraint (or more than one distraint), or brokerage of the sale of your property with legal defects.

Thanks to many years of successful cooperation with most distrainer offices in the Czech Republic and mortgage banks, we are able to do the legal acts that will prevent the worst option to solve your existing problems; this is, of course, the sale of real estate in an involuntary auction. In most cases, such a debt recovery process involves selling your property at a price that is far from being close to its market value that we or our clients would be willing to accept. And believe that this option almost always takes place if the problems are not being solved.

We know how to deal with the respective court distrainer and we are able to negotiate terms and conditions for payment of all the liabilities encumbering the property in question. Thanks to our very good financial background, we are able to pay these liabilities from our own funds even in the period prior finding a final bidder for your property or prior to the auction date. This payment has a form of an interest-free loan for you! We will, of course, assist you in the actual cancellation of the distraint order or the lien on real estate.

Upon conclusion of the exclusive brokerage contract, we also immediately pay you a deposit at the amount of CZK 100,000 for the purchase price. If needed, we will also help you find new housing; whether the housing in a rented apartment, in personal property, in Prague or in its surroundings.

For more information on the purchase of property, visit www.nemovitosti-vykup.cz.